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Is the latest garden fashion harming your home’s chance of selling?

Is the latest garden fashion harming your home’s chance of selling?

Hands up who’s blown the budget in the garden centre, had a moment of madness in the DIY store, or made a few impulse ‘middle aisle’ purchases as soon as summer arrives? Clever marketing always makes the most of hot, sunny weather but the latest garden fashions may knock thousands of pounds off your home’s value.  

So, before you get carried away and press ‘purchase’ on that six-person hot tub or buy all the materials for an outdoor kitchen, read on and discover how the latest garden fad may scupper a property sale.   

High fashion, low house price?

When Power Sheds asked UK homeowners to list their least desirable garden features – items and design elements that would put them off buying a property – a surprising number of more modern additions made the top 10.  

In joint first position was artificial grass, with 55% of participants saying this was the most undesirable feature in a garden. Equally as despised was the inground trampoline – one that’s level with the grass.  

Saunas have hit the headlines recently, with experts extolling their health benefits but installing a hot box in your garden, no matter how fashionable, is a no go. An outdoor sauna was sixth – a turn off for 39% of survey participants – the same percentage as that for a swimming pool.  

Another more recent addition to the garden that failed to hit the right note with potential buyers was the outdoor gym. Plenty of these have popped up in gardens up and down the country, post Covid, but it took eighth spot, with 38% finding an outdoor gym unfavourable.   

Finally, it’s a trend that you couldn’t escape last summer and one that shows no sign of going away in 2024 – the outdoor kitchen. The Power Sheds poll put this feature in ninth spot on the undesirables list, with 35% naming an al fresco place to cook a negative.  

Outdoor favourites that add value

The same Power Sheds survey also asked participants to name their most favoured garden features and the classics came up trumps. The most desirable garden addition was the humble shed – cited by 70% of those who took part in the poll. This was followed by trees (65%); a water feature (53%); a greenhouse (51%); paving (49%); a pergola (43%); decking (42%), a pond (41%) and a built-in fire pit (38%).  

How to stop your garden losing you money

As well as avoiding fashion statements and making sure your garden has some of the must-have features, outdoor maintenance can help improve your home’s value.  

A separate survey by Roofing Megastore identified what garden problems could devalue a property. Damaged walls, broken guttering, damaged or cracked patios, rotten decking and broken fences could see a home lose as much as £5,988 per issue. 

Other turn-offs identified included no lawn, invasive or damaging plants, rubbish or debris in the garden, dead trees and plants, overgrown weeds in pathways and borders, and children’s play equipment and toys littering the outside. 

Now is the time to get your garden or balcony ready for a summer sale. If you would like presentation advice and an up-to-date valuation, please get in touch.

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