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Instagram: here for the property hype?

Instagram: here for the property hype?

We all know Instagram as a free photo and video sharing app that allows us to document all aspects of our lives. Some dedicate their accounts to travel, while others share a fitness story or journey through food. It’s not just humans either. There are thousands of cats and dogs with their very own Instagram accounts, with Felix and Fido’s everyday exploits shared by their owners.  

One very popular sub-genre on Instagram is property. In times gone by, the only place to see inside other people’s homes was by purchasing magazines such as Elle Deco, Wallpaper* and House Beautiful, with only the most exquisite or outlandish homes making the cut.  

Now, Instagram allows us to all be publishers. Even within property you’ll find different trends you can follow. There are renovation projects where period houses are meticulously restored. Owners of brand new houses are also taking to Instagram to show how they’re adding character and colour to their abodes, while you can follow fans of maximalist interior fashion, upcyclers and Ikea hack devotees.  

While Instagram offers a fantastic platform to show off our property projects on a purely aesthetic level, there can be an added bonus. A recent newspaper article highlighted how home décor accounts on Instagram can help generate interest if and when the property eventually comes up for sale.   

@strikeme_pink is the Instagram account run by couple Alice and Rhys, with over 23,500 followers and a grid that reflects the owners’ eclectic taste. When Alice published a post declaring their home was on the market, a stream of comments quickly followed.  

Many wished the couple good luck while others saw an opportunity and asked for a link to the property listing or details of the couple’s estate agent. The account subsequently caught the eye of The Times and upon learning that the property was for sale, it chose it as its Home of the Week.  

So, will Instagram become the new place to buy and sell property? Not at the moment. Social media is a fantastic promotional tool. As with Alice and Rhys, you can build hype around a property by curating a desirable image in Instagram – one that encourages a following that grows organically over months or even years.  

Instagram is, however, no substitute for an estate agent. The quality of potential buyers is far more important than the quantity. Anyone can respond to a social media post saying they are interested but the reality is, there is a lot more to finding the right purchaser than talking to a stranger online.  

Anyone tempted to pursue an enquiry expressed via Instagram without the involvement of an estate agent should know that buying property is a favourite way among criminals to launder money. As agents, we have to adhere to strict anti-money laundering laws to protect our clients, which includes verifying a potential buyers’ ID and the source of their funds.  

In the case of Alice and Rhys, they directed all expressions of buying interest to their estate agent, so a professional could authenticate their intentions. We do the vetting, the verification and the checks, which gives vendors peace of mind, and frees their time to create more compelling content for their Instagram grid.  

If you have an Insta-worthy home you’d like to sell, contact us. We also love representing properties with potential – there will be an Instagrammer out there just waiting to get their hands on a fixer-upper, so let’s get your sale started.

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