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Elevate your home’s appeal with plants

Elevate your home’s appeal with plants

From cut flowers in vases and glossy-leaved houseplants to overflowing patio pots and on-trend terrariums, a healthy dash of flora and fauna will add extra appeal when it comes to selling your home. Here are three areas to focus on:-

Front of house

Estate agents love to talk about kerb appeal and for good reason. Your home’s façade is something that can make or break sales success. If it doesn’t tick the right boxes, buyers may scroll past your online listing or feel underwhelmed as soon as they arrive.

The basics are a given – mow grass, remove weeds and cut back branches that overhang a path or obscure the front door – but a few additions will bring life, colour and personality to your property.

Window boxes are an underrated accessory but when filled with drought-tolerant plants, such as lavender, erigeron, nemesia, osteospermum and pelargonium, will liven up an uninspiring exterior. Alternatively, a hanging basket or a couple of pots by the front door always make for better photographs and first impressions.

Inside your property

A vase of seasonal blooms will fast-track your home’s attractiveness and add a splash of colour where needed. Choose highly fragranced varieties and they’ll perfume the air too. If the expense of a fulsome bouquet puts you off, there are cheaper alternatives.

Bud vases that hold a single stem are very on trend. Choose three stems of really vibrant flowers from your local florist and group three vases together. Don’t overlook your own garden either. Some of the most impactful displays are mainly foliage with a few bold flowers added in. Grab some sharp scissors or secateurs and see what’s growing outside your window. If you’re tempted to snip some blooms from a local park or verge, read the strict rules about picking wild or cultivated flowers and foliage first.

Houseplants are a fantastic alternative to cut flowers, and you can pick up pots from supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centres. As well as lush leaves and bright flowers, you can intensify the impact of houseplants by swapping the plastic pots for colourful ceramic versions. Alternatively, try a terrarium – a mini indoor greenhouse that’s ultra-portable.

In the garden

Like your front of house, back garden basics should come first. Once everything is trimmed, mowed and neatened, you can think about colour and form. As you’re ‘dressing’ your garden in the hope of selling, avoid investing in plants that need putting in the ground.

Instead, focus on a couple of ‘statement’ pots that can move with you. A patio or balcony is the perfect place for seasonal bedding plants to thrive – these are more affordable varieties that flower for one season and need replacing every year. A cloud of lobelia, geraniums, petunias, begonias and marigolds will do the trick in spring and summer, while winter-flowering pansies and cyclamen can provide colour in the colder months.

If you’re thinking of selling your home and would like advice on what will attract buyers, contact us today.

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